Same Day Garage Door Repair

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Same Day Garage Door Repair is one of the many things that Viking Overhead has pride in! When your garage door or garage door opener break causing a large entrance into your home to become vulnerable, you need same day garage door repair! Viking Overhead always Guarantees Same Day Garage Door Repair with any emergency situation! Broken Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Off Track, Cable Off, Crooked Garage Door, Door Wont Open, or being unable to secure your door are all examples of issues that we consider emergency situations and require Same Day Garage Door Repair! When your garage door breaks there is no need to panic, day or night we have a technician available to fix your garage door the same day, everytime! If you or someone you know needs Same Day Garage Door Repair, Give us a call at (817) 600-4224.

Same Day Garage Door Repair and Safety Inspection

At Viking Overhead, safety is our number one concern with garage doors. Without proper understanding of how your garage door functions, any garage door can become a potential hazard to family members, pets or property. Safety inspections include checking the garage door cables for frays or burs that may cause them to snap, correct garage door spring size according to the weight of your garage door. If garage door springs are not measured and installed correctly, the garage door may become a safety hazard, not to mention cause damage to your door and property. Our garage door technicians check the drums attached to the garage door cables located on the top left and right sides of the door for correct installation and wear.

Drums are an important part in the overall functionality of your garage door, and they must be in good working order to prevent the cables from rubbing, snapping or slipping off a damaged drum. The torsion bar is inspected for wear along with the center bearing plate and end bearing plates properly secured so that the garage door components preventing the hardware becoming loose causing the garage door to crash onto the floor of your garage. All hardware is checked as well including the garage door hinges which hold the panels of garage doors together and help garage doors move to the open and close position smoothly. Garage door panels are also checked for tears as any tear in the panels of garage doors will eventually cause them to buckle and fold. Tracks and rollers are also checked on your garage doors to prevent the door coming out of the tracks, preventing a potential injury. Safety points also include the garage door opener as part of the system. Older models of garage door openers—just like any electronic machine—can lose the ability to function properly over time.

This aspect is especially important when considering the federal government now requires safety eyes to be sold packaged with every opener in the United States. Some older models of garage door openers are missing safety eyes, which may not have existed at the time of sale. Safety eyes are the component of garage doors that stop the garage door opener from crushing anything that may be in the path of a closing garage door. Garage door openers also have pressure sensors or force settings which regulate how hard the motor is pushing and pulling, preventing accidents that sometimes happen when the setting is improperly adjusted. Rest assured, our garage door technicians will by company policy at a minimum make every customer aware of any potential hazards.

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