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Ensuring Safety and Accuracy

Garage Door Track Repair

When your garage door falls off-track, it’s obvious. A slanted, unbalanced door is as unattractive as it is dangerous, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to fix the problem right away. Oftentimes, an off-track garage door will create unpleasant noises with every movement or even fail to function at all until it is fixed.

A serious concern like this should always be addressed by professional technicians to ensure a safe and accurate repair. When there’s no time to waste in making an appointment with a garage door company, Viking Overhead’s emergency service offerings for our Texas service areas will have you back to business in no time.

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Why Is My Garage Door Off-Track?

Garage doors can fall off track for any number of reasons. We often get calls to go fix an off-track garage door after some kind of accident — a bump from a vehicle or something heavy can be enough to knock a door off its rails. Major accidents aside, overhead garage doors can also come off-track due to a lack of regular maintenance or another failing part, like a worn bearing.

Perhaps the most common issue with off-track garage doors involves a cable coming off. This occurs when one of the cables that lifts the garage door disconnects from the drum. It may take place if you close the door on an object or if a previous technician did not match the springs and cables to the required specifications for your garage door.

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We Know How to Fix an Off-Track Garage Door Quickly

Thankfully, cable offs and most other common garage door off-track issues are easily fixed. Viking Overhead’s technicians work with these challenges every day, so we’re ready to handle yours whenever you need us. While many people want to fix a concern like this on their own, we do not recommend approaching it by yourself. Garage doors are heavy and use powerful springs, so every part of the system needs to be tuned to its own precise specifications.

Since our technicians are available every day at any time, calling us is far easier and safer than approaching the issue yourself — just clear the area around your garage door and let us take care of the rest. We’ll treat your property as if it were our own and give you our best tips for preventing any future track problems.

Request Garage Door Track Repair From Viking Overhead

At Viking Overhead, we pride ourselves on serving our community with professionalism and expertise, delivering quality parts and performing expedient repairs on garage door tracks, cables, springs and more. Our location makes it easy for us to reach our neighbors all around our service areas, even on short notice.

When professionalism and expedience are at the top of your list of priorities, Viking Overhead is ready to oblige. Fill out our online contact form to make an appointment, or call our emergency line at (817) 600-4224 to get service as quickly as possible. We’ll handle your existing overhead door problems and perform a thorough inspection to ensure everything else is working as it should be. Reach out to our team today!

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