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Residential Garage Door Openers in Texas

When upgrading your garage door opener, you want the highest-quality product that will last and work well with your home. At Viking Overhead, we install garage door openers from top brands and provide extensive warranties to give you extra peace of mind. Our team of experts will take the time to find out precisely what opener type is right for your home and budget, whether that’s a straightforward, minimal-maintenance model or a technologically advanced device. Trust the Viking team with your garage door opener installation and know you’re getting exactly what your property needs.

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Behind the Technology

How Does an Electronic Command Garage Door Opener Work?

A garage door opener uses a motor and chain system to lift the door up and down as needed. A motor powered by electricity — usually from an outlet in your garage — sends power to the top of the door. When you press a button on your remote control or keypad, you trigger an electric current that moves through the lifting mechanism and raises or lowers the door accordingly.

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Types of Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are a great way to make your garage more accessible, convenient and secure. The following are the most popular varieties on the market today:

Chain Drive

Chain-driven garage door openers are the least expensive, but they can still provide a long life span with routine maintenance. Often considered a base-model opener, this type is a good choice for homeowners who want to save money on their garage door system purchase.

Belt Drive

The belt drive uses a rubber belt to pull the door up and down, making it much quieter than other types of openers that produce a lot of vibration. Due to the lack of a metal-on-metal design, this option doesn’t require lubrication or as much maintenance as the chain counterpart. Modern belt drive LiftMaster garage door openers can also feature Wi-Fi capabilities, automatic diagnostic insights, built-in cameras and more.


Jackshaft garage door openers are the new leader in garage door technology. The jackshaft doesn’t require any overhead rails and can be mounted on a wall, making it easier to maintain and safer than traditional models. They may also include modern features like Wi-Fi connectivity and battery backups to ensure that your door always works smoothly.

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Garage Door Opener Installation

If you want to update your garage door opener or repair your current one, Viking Overhead stands ready to serve.

We know that garage door openers are more than just a tool — they are integral to your home’s security and convenience. We have invested in the best products available today to offer top-quality garage door opener installation services. Rest assured that when you get maintenance or an installation from us, you will receive the highest level of service and expertise.

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For a garage door opener that’s reliable and properly installed, call the experts at Viking Overhead. Veteran-owned and award-winning, our local, Burleson-based company will help you determine what opener suits your property best.

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