Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

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Expert Garage Door Cable Repair

Every part of your garage door is vital to its mechanics, and its cables are no different. These strong cables rise and fall every time you use your garage door, maintaining the proper amount of tension to prevent your door from falling off the track. They also help distribute balance, ensuring your garage door is easy to adjust and runs as safely as possible. Over time, the most active parts of your garage door often need maintenance, repair or even replacement. At Viking Overhead, we carry quality cables and equipment on hand 24/7 so that any time you need to replace a garage door cable, our technicians can be there the same day — or even during off hours thanks to our emergency service team.

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Protecting Your Garage Door’s Longevity

What Causes Broken Garage Door Cables?

Your garage door cables are directly connected to its spring system. Together, they comprise the most active parts of your garage door, meaning they’re also the most likely to wear out with use. These parts are the reason having annual professional inspections is so important.

Aside from the wear of everyday use, there are other things that can affect your cables’ longevity, such as:

  • Improper spacing
  • A misaligned or unbalanced door
  • Inferior materials used in construction

Considering The Options

Should You Repair or Replace Your Cables?

Garage door cables come in a range of sizes to fit the height of each garage door. They also vary in diameter and the number of cable strands in a rope, giving different cables different tensile strengths. Each cable is rated for a specific weight limit, which our technicians can use to judge whether certain cables would be a fit for your garage door.

Whatever size and strength best fit your door, the Viking Overhead team always uses the same high-quality materials. Stainless steel and galvanized steel are the best metals for cable, as they tend to last the longest and have the best tensile strength. If your cables are made from another material or have experienced extreme wear due to issues like improper spacing, we will likely suggest a new installation instead of a repair.

Whether you need a repair or to replace we’ll handle the situation quickly and with professionalism. A broken cable can cause serious safety issues, so we evaluate every setup carefully while on your property to ensure we deliver a thorough, long-lasting solution.

Find Garage Door Cable Repair Near You Today

Viking Overhead’s technicians undergo extensive training to be able to determine a garage door’s cable size and strength requirements, and they travel with all the tools needed to diagnose your door issues quickly. When your commercial door system or residential installation isn’t working at its best, trust the Viking garage door professionals to provide the materials and expertise to handle it.

You can contact our technicians any time through our online contact form or by calling 817-609-8375 for garage door cable repair services. Our Texas garage door service team is ready to travel anywhere in our service areas at a moment’s notice, whether it’s morning rush hour or the middle of the night. Call for service today!

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