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Opener Installation

Belt Drive Openers

A garage door opener acts as the nerve center of the garage door system. This mechanical device, activated via a remote control unit or manually, enables you to open and close the door on demand. 

Are you considering the purchase of a new garage door? You may need to replace the opener to ensure compatibility and maximum performance. Your existing unit could also break, requiring a replacement. 

When searching for a new opener, you’ll need to assess several factors when making your decision, including determining the best garage door opener drive for your needs and budget. 

The drive refers to the mechanism that propels the trolley, the device that moves along the guide that connects to the opener and controls the door’s opening and closing. There are several drive types — a belt drive relies on the movement of a rubberized belt to facilitate the door’s function. 

Should i choose a belt drive opener?

Benefits of a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Installation

Belt drive garage door openers offer a range of benefits for homeowners like you:

  • Quiet operation: The belt’s rubber material makes minimal noise during the door’s opening and closing. If you have an attached garage, this feature can keep your home’s interior quieter when someone leaves or arrives.
  • Simplified maintenance: Using rubber instead of metal also makes maintaining the opener faster and easier. You won’t have to lubricate moving metal parts and components. The belt also operates smoothly, reducing wear and tear on the opener and the rest of the garage door system.
  • Strength: Despite the rubber construction, belt drive openers are surprisingly strong, so the belt should last for many years without causing mechanical issues. If you do need to replace it, the process of switching the belt out is quick and straightforward. 
  • Warranties: Belt-drive openers come with a lifetime belt and motor warranty and five-year coverage on parts. These warranties provide extra protection and peace of mind. 

Choose Your Opener

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Models

Viking Overhead is your one-stop source for garage doors, openers and accessories in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our extensive opener selection includes various products from Chamberlain and LiftMaster®, a recognized industry leader and innovator. Chamberlain and LiftMaster openers have advanced features that maximize performance, reliability and ease of use. 

An example from the LiftMaster lineup of belt drive garage door openers is the 81550. This advanced 1/2 HP AC model features built-in Wi-Fi that provides the convenience of mobile device control via the intuitive myQ® app. This integrated Bluetooth technology means spending less time setting up and more benefits like compatibility with the myQ app and other smart home devices. 

This cutting-edge technology lets you use your smartphone or tablet to monitor your garage door and remotely control its functions. You can open and close the door from anywhere and receive timely alerts.

We currently sell the following opener models:

  • Chamberlain B4505TMC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Chamberlain B4505T Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Professional Belt Drive Opener Installation Near You

Viking Overhead can help you choose the right belt drive garage door opener for your needs and budget and perform a fast, efficient installation. Contact us to explore your product options, or schedule a convenient service appointment today.

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