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Is it time to replace a broken or underperforming garage door opener at your Dallas-Fort Worth area home? Are you installing a brand-new garage door and need to make the right opener selection?

As you conduct your search, you may be surprised at how many garage door opener models are available these days. While you’ll need to choose from an array of features and functions, you’ll also have to select a model with the right drive for your requirements and budget. 

A garage door opener’s drive refers to how the door travels with the guide during opening and closing. The guide is the long rail attached above the center of the door that connects to the opener. A chain drive is one common example of a garage door drive. As the name implies, a chain drive garage door opener features a chain within the guide. The chain’s function is to move the trolley along the guide during operation. 

Should i choose a chain drive opener?

Benefits of a Chain Drive Opener

A chain drive garage door opener installation provides numerous benefits:

  • Low cost: Chain drive garage door openers are typically the least expensive due to their construction from affordable steel. They offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking a base-unit option that meets their needs while being easy on the household budget. 
  • Durability: Despite their lower cost, these openers are reliable. They have long life spans and typically experience few mechanical issues when receiving regular maintenance and service.
  • Strength: The chain provides excellent lifting power, allowing them to support heavier garage doors with ease. This feature makes a chain drive opener an appropriate choice for wood or two-car garage doors that typically weigh more.
  • Dependability: These openers are a good choice for the hot, humid North Texas climate. The chain won’t slip, even when exposed to excessive moisture in the atmosphere.

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Chain Drive Opener Models

Several versions of chain drive garage door openers are available for purchase. At Viking Overhead, we sell and install several models from Chamberlain and LiftMaster®, a widely recognized industry leader and innovator. These advanced products offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking a basic opener they can always rely on to open and close the door on demand. 

These openers have a powerful chain drive for dependable, long-lasting performance in frequent-use operating conditions. They also include a reliable battery backup to ensure they function flawlessly during power outages, giving you peace of mind. Some models have an integrated LED lighting system to enhance safety and security by brightening the garage and surrounding area in dark conditions. AC and DC electric power options are available.

We currently carry the following chain drive openers:

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Viking Garage Doors can help you select the most appropriate garage door opener for your needs and budget. We can also perform a fast, professional installation to ensure you’re familiar with all the opener’s functions and how to use them correctly and safely. 

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