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Garage Door Repair Benbrook TX

Garage Door repair river oaks

River Oaks Counts on Viking Overhead when it comes to Garage Door Repair! We always stand behind our work and believe in doing things right the first time! Unlike other Garage Door Repair Companies, we do not charge a service call fee! Viking Overhead River Oaks offers free onsite estimates for New Garage Doors, Garage Door Repair, and Garage Door Openers. We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Family Business! When you hire a Garage Door Company you are paying for a professional repair or install, and that is exactly what you are going to get! Broken Garage Door Spring or Garage Door Off Track? We offer same day emergency service! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

River oaks garage door proffesionals

We’re confident in our products and stand behind the work we do. That’s why we offer the best warranties in the industry! It’s important for us at Viking Overhead River Oaks to make sure that the repair process is as easy as possible for you, so if there’s ever an issue with one of our repairs, rest assure, we will stand behind our work! Our team of certified technicians will provide you with professional garage door repairs and high quality parts so your garage door will work smoother and quieter than ever.

Although having a garage door repairman you can trust is important, so is working with one whom you get along with. That’s why we are very careful selecting the right technicians who have personalities that match our strong company values, work ethic, and proffesionalism. The result is a customer service experience you will not forget!

Garage Door Repair Benbrook TX
Garage Door Repair Benbrook TX


 Maintenance for your home or business is important for protecting those long term investments. Many people conduct maintenance for their personal vehicles, ensuring the vehicle is serviced and wearable parts are replaced regularly. A garage door is no different! Your garage door is part of your home, and as with other mechanical items that require maintenance, your garage door needs regular maintenance as well. Viking Overhead River Oaks strongly recommends regular maintenance and safety inspections regardless of the age of your garage door. Annual maintenance includes lubrication, tightening of hardware, minor adjustments, safety inspection, and garage door opener inspection. Lubrication of your hinges, garage door springs, bearings, and garage door opener components are essential for the durability of your garage door system.  Our technicians use a lightweight lubricating oil that doesn’t leave residue or bind moving parts, and allows for moving components to function smoother–even quieting the garage door in most cases. Viking Overhead River Oaks technicians can educate and inform customers how to lubricate their garage door, however, annual maintenance and inspections by a professional are still recommended to avoid premature damage and wear to your door and opener. Maintenance also allows for our technicians to identify and inform our customers of potential issues with their garage door or garage door opener that the homeowner may not be aware of.

parts we use

One of the most important aspects of garage door repair is the quality of parts we use. With so many types of parts on the market, our experienced team only selects the best manufactures for unmatched performance that will fit your budget. To us, quality matters. We carry thicker steel hinges, stainless steel garage door cables, nylon coated ball bearing rollers, and enduring garage door springs. Garage door openers should be made to last and that’s why Liftmaster and Chamberlain openers are part of our inventory. But no matter the type of opener you may already have, we are ready to service and repair all brands of garage door openers as necessary. We provide each customer options unique to the service they require. We always guarantee a professional and clean install every time. Our garage door repair technicians are trained to the highest standards in the industry. We follow a code that our company believes is vital for excellence. Viking Overhead River Oaks also offers maintenance options for every customer. Routine maintenance keeps your garage doors safe and operational ensuring the safety and durability of repairs and installation.

About River Oaks TX 

River Oaks TX is located in a naturally wooded area formed by the West Fork of the Trinity River, directly down river from Lake Worth TX. The name “River Oaks” was given to the city because of the natural oak groves formed around the river. River Oaks is also known for its recreational parks and wildlife near the river and throughout the city. River Oaks surprisingly only covers about 2 square miles on the west side of the DFW  Metroplex in North Central Texas. River Oaks is a suburban city, but it is located within the five-mile radius loop formed by Interstate Loop 820 around Fort Worth, Texas. Because of the cities surroundings the city limits gave no room for change and are considered “set”. Documentation shows the roots of River Oaks Dating back to the 1800s. From the first settler in 1849 the city has grown and is now home to around 8,000 residence and 2700 households! When Garage Door work is slow we can be seen fishing and cleaning up at the local parks!


We Service All Of DFW and Surrounding Areas!

    Garage Door Repair Benbrook TX


    Some of the services we offer and problems we fix daily include:

      • Garage Door Off Track
      • Garage Door Rollers
      • Same Day Garage Door Repair
      • 24/7 Garage Door Service
      • Garage Door Panel Replacement
      • Garage Doors
      • Garage Door Opener
      • Program Garage Door Opener
      • Garage Door Remotes
      • Garage Door Cable Replacement
      • New Garage Doors
      • Wood Garage Doors
      • Overhead Door
      • Garage Door Replacement
      • Emergency Garage Door Repair
      • Broken Garage Door
      • Broken Garage Door Spring
      • Annual Maintenance

    Panel replacement is an alternative option to replacing a damaged door. In many cases when panels are damaged and the other wearable parts are still in good condition the panels may be replaced. There are some cases in which door manufactures go out of business, or discontinue a specific model,  that result in needing  the entire garage door replaced. However, in most cases a single panel or multiple panels can be replaced and is more cost effective for the customer.  There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when making the decision whether or not to replace the entire door or just the panels. Cost is the main factor! A rule of thumb for Viking Overhead River Oaks is,  if there are 2 or more panels that need to be replaced along with wearable hardware on the door then we recommend replacement. If you’ve had your garage door for a number of years then more than likely the panels have faded, or been painted. Most homeowners should figure in the cost of having the entire garage door painted after panel replacement and after its all said and done have sometimes spent as much or more for panel replacement than the cost of an entire garage door! If you have damaged panels on your garage door and would like expert advice, Call Viking Overhead River Oaks at (817) 252-4060 to schedule a free onsite estimate.

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