Residential Garage Door repair

Our Residential Garage Door Repair technicians are trained to spot potential hazards and repairs needed for your garage doors. Making the customer aware of existing damage and potential problems with your door will ensure the lifespan and functionality of all your garage door components. We believe a technician should always give the best possible solution for every customer with no pressure. Educating the customer in a respectful and honest manner about their garage door and garage door components enables both parties to come to an agreement when estimating price regardless of how big or how small the garage door service may be.

Residential Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair and Service

There are many companies that manufacture and distribute many different types of garage door openers. Our technicians know the key components inside the housing of garage door openers, as well as external components. Viking Overhead always carries a full inventory of replacement parts for most brands of Garage Door Openers. Some of the most common parts that fail include Gear and Sprockets, Starting Capacitors, Couplers, Limit Switches, Trolleys, Circuit Boards, Receivers, Safety Sensors, and Wall Stations, all of which we carry on our trucks at all times! All of these components are inspected for damage and wear during our preventative maintenance tune up. There are many cases where the customer may think the opener has died or needs replacement, but in most cases they can actually be repaired by replacing a single component. Garage Door Openers are not designed to lift heavy weight, they are only designed to guide the garage door up and down. Garage Door Springs are designed to counterbalance the weight of the door, this allows the opener to not work as hard and last longer, as long as the door is properly balanced. Most premature opener failure is due to improper balance of the garage door and/or lack of preventative maintenance.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Panel replacement is an alternative option to replacing a damaged door. In many cases when panels are damaged and the other wearable parts are still in good condition the panels may be replaced. There are some cases in which door manufactures go out of business, or discontinue a specific model,  that result in needing the entire garage door replaced. However, in most cases a single panel or multiple panels can be replaced and is more cost effective for the customer.  There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when making the decision whether or not to replace the entire door or just the panels. Cost is the main factor! A rule of thumb is, if there are 2 or more panels that need to be replaced along with wearable hardware on the door then we recommend total replacement. If you’ve had your garage door for a number of years then more than likely the panels have faded, or been painted. Sometimes homeowners overlook the cost of having the entire garage door painted after panel replacement and after its all said and done have sometimes spent as much or more for panel replacement than an entirely new garage door! If you have damaged panels on your garage door and would like expert advice, Call Viking Overhead at (817) 600-4224 to schedule a free onsite estimate.

Garage Door Spring Repair

At Viking Overhead, we offer the best selection of high-quality products, including garage door springs. Garage door springs are the key component that allow you to open and close your garage door with ease. There are two main types of garage door springs, the first are called extension springs, which are located on the sides of your garage door. Extension springs are stretched when the door is down and contracted when the door is up, keeping the door firmly in place.   At Viking Overhead, we recommend a torsion spring system for your garage door. This type of spring system counterbalances the weight of your door, while also keeping the door level at all times. At Viking Overhead we use the highest-quality springs to ensure that it performs the way it was designed. You can visibly check your garage door springs above your door. In most cases, a broken garage door spring will be clearly visible. The number of springs you will have will depend on the overall weight of your door. Heavier garage doors, such as wood or wood faux doors often require more springs in order to properly counterbalance the weight. Whether you have a single spring on a 1 car garage or 4 springs on a heavy wood door, our trucks are outfitted to replace any garage door spring on the spot!

Garage Door Balance

A garage door should be easy to lift manually. In fact, a garage door that’s properly balanced can be lifted by using only 2 or 3 fingers regardless of the actual weight of the door. If your garage door feels heavy to lift your springs may be worn, been improperly installed, or you may have broken garage door springs. Garage door springs that are part of a torsion system are usually located above the center of the door, attached to a long torsion bar that runs the length of your door. If your garage door suddenly becomes extremely heavy, or your garage door opener struggles or simply refuses to lift or close your garage door, you may have a broken garage door spring. To test your garage doors balance start by closing the door with the automatic opener. Once the door is closed you will pull the emergency release cord which disengages the door from the motor. Your door should lift very easily. When the bottom of the door in knee high from the ground and you release the door, the door should stay. If your garage door falls to the floor then the door is not properly balanced. This process should also be checked when the bottom of the door is waist high, chest high, and all the open. This will ensure your garage door opener is not working to hard and will prevent unecessary damages to the motor.

Residential Garage Door Repair


Viking Overhead carries the very best in quality hinges and hardware for your garage door. All of our parts are manufactured from heavy-duty steel. Hinges on your garage door not only hold the panels together on your sectional garage door, they also provide smooth operation, and durability of the garage door panels. But the hardware is not just on the door itself, hardware also includes track brackets, cables, drums, end bearing plates, flag brackets, and center bearing plates. All replacement parts that we carry are the best on the market! All of our garage door rollers have nylon coated heads, and 11 steel ball bearings. This allows the door to roll much smoother taking stress off of the motor as well as making your door substantially quieter. All new doors installed by our company include heavy duty hardware!

Hand Built Cedar Garage Doors

At Viking Overhead we offer hand built cedar garage doors. We have several designs to choose from or you can provide us with your own design and we will build it! There are countless options when designing a custom built wood door. We can build doors will a smooth or rough finish, single pane or double pane windows, stained or unstained, knotty cedar or clear cedar, and the list goes on and on! Faux wood garage doors have come a long way over recent years however it is extremely hard to replace the natural beauty of a true hand built cedar garage door. Call Viking Overhead for further questions regarding our hand build cedar doors at (817) 600-4224.

Residential Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Installation

At Viking Overhead we pride ourselves in attention to detail. We guarantee a clean install every time! We believe this is a big part of what separates us from other Garage Door Companies. Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference. From making sure our tracks are installed perfectly, to sweeping the floor when finished we guarantee the job will be done right the first time! It is very common for us to come behind other installers and see messy wiring and poorly installed doors. We will always take the time to straighten every wire, staple straight tight lines, and make the overall appearance as clean as we possibly can! That is our promise to every customer!

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

Improper safety eye alignment can cause a garage door to malfunction. Safety devices that are not working properly can cause damage to your garage door. Our technicians are skilled with an extensive amount of training making a safety eye repair or alignment a quick and easy fix. Viking Overhead can also test your safety eyes if they are in need of replacement, our inventory includes replacement safety eyes for most major brands of openers, as this a common malfunction identified with garage door openers.