How to Fix Garage Door Rollers That Are Off-Track

Your garage door should be a convenient daily entrance and exit for your vehicle. Whenever it encounters an issue, you may need to open and close it manually, which can be a hassle and cause damage. Off-track rollers can lead to many problems, but you can take several steps to get your door into working condition. Keep reading to learn more about your rollers and how to get them on track. 

Why Do Garage Door Rollers Go Off-Track?

Every component in your garage door can face wear and tear over time. It’s essential to recognize the typical reasons for door issues so you can monitor your system and quickly address any problems. 

  • Misaligned or damaged tracks: Worn-out or poor-quality tracks can result in significant damage. Horizontal tracks bear the door’s weight, which can be several hundred pounds. Minor collisions and impacts can bend or damage the tracks, leading to misalignments. Misaligned bracket bolts may come loose, eventually causing rollers to pop off. 
  • Worn-out rollers: Your door may operate if one roller breaks, but the lack of support places additional stress on the other rollers, which can cause them to become worn prematurely. The unequal weight distribution can also lead to bent tracks, furthering the damage. 
  • Broken lift cables: Older door openers may have broken lift cables. This component works by winding the two cables on either side of the door around a drum. However, the cables cannot wind correctly if the door becomes misaligned. Over time, the cables can unravel, leading them to break under stress. If one cable breaks, the door’s weight will transfer to the other cable, resulting in rollers breaking or coming off the track. 
  • Vehicle damages: Hitting your door with your vehicle can derail it from the track. Entering or exiting the garage before the door finishes opening or closing can lead to accidental bumps that damage to the overall system.  

How to Tell Whether Your Garage Door Rollers Are Off-Track

An off-track garage door can present various issues, so it’s essential to identify and address the problem quickly. Improperly working doors can be a significant safety hazard that may harm your vehicle or family members. If you think your door is off-track, you should look for warping, gaps between the rollers and track, strange noises and door jams. 

Warped tracks could result from weather conditions, poor installation or damages. Either way, you should inspect your tracks for signs of damage or significant wear and contact a professional for repairs. Gaps between the rollers and tracks can also highlight a problem because bends in the tracks can cause the rollers to rise from the track. Often, you will notice your door taking longer to open or close or operating less smoothly when this issue occurs. 

Strange noises should always catch your attention. Most doors are relatively quiet when operating, so loud or unusual sounds are a telltale sign that something is wrong. If you can’t detect where the noise is coming from, you should contact a professional before investigating.  

How to Fix Your Garage Door Rollers

Promptly addressing problems with your garage door is essential. You can fix garage door rollers by following these steps.

  1. Turn off the opener: Always turn off the garage door opener before beginning any work to prevent anyone in your household from accidentally opening or closing it while you work on it.
  2. Open the door: Open the door manually and place snap-locking pliers under the door on the tracks.
  3. Inspect the tracks: If your roller has come off the track, ensure the track is not the problem. Evaluate whether the track is loose on the wall and tighten it with the correct tool if you find a concerning spot. Additionally, look for bends or damage that could cause your rollers to move from the track. If you have bent tracks, you will likely need to replace them. Then, use a level to ensure the tracks have the proper alignment.
  4. Pop the roller into place: After addressing any track issues, you can place the rollers back on the track. You may need to use pliers to open the track at the location where the roller jumped out. Place the roller inside the track and close it. You should also lubricate the roller for seamless operation. 
  5. Evaluate if the door operates: Before turning on your opener, manually test the door to ensure everything works smoothly. Give the door a few tries to ascertain you’ve addressed the issue. At this point, you can turn on the opener and continue using your door as usual. If you still experience issues, contact a professional to determine the problem. 

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Though there are many DIY solutions for garage door problems, contacting a professional is always best. Hiring a reliable service provider has several advantages.

  • Increasing safety: Off-track garage door rollers can present significant safety hazards. For instance, the uneven weight distribution could lead to the door slamming closed, potentially injuring people or causing damage to vehicles and objects in the area. Proper repairs or installation with high-quality materials can increase safety and enhance your door’s life span. 
  • Accessing expertise: Professionals have the experience and expertise to find the best solution for your door. Door repairs can be complex, with electrical and mechanical components. An expert can identify the problem, outline the best steps to address it and prevent it from recurring.
  • Finding cost-effective solutions: Fixing your door alone can be time-consuming and result in unnecessary costs. For example, you may need to buy new tools or equipment to complete the job. You may also purchase components only to realize you bought the wrong item. Professionals have the tools and components necessary to finish the project, saving you time and money from figuring it out yourself. 
  • Satisfying warranties: Many businesses provide warranties for their work and will come to your home to fix subsequent issues at no additional cost to you. However, working on the door by yourself could void your warranty or cause more issues that your warranty doesn’t cover, creating an even more expensive repair process. 
  • Offer preventive maintenance: Along with addressing the existing problem, a professional can provide advice and preventive maintenance for your door. Inspecting and lubricating your door is an essential upkeep step, and garage door experts can quickly complete these small tasks to prevent malfunctions and ensure your door’s integrity. 

Contact Viking Overhead for Your Garage Door

At Viking Overhead, we know an off-track garage roller can make your days inconvenient. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle complex mechanisms with modern garage doors.

We’re a family and veteran-owned company in Texas that has been fixing doors for over three decades. When you have a garage door issue, you can count on us to fix it promptly and efficiently. Contact us for roller repair or learn more about our services.

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